incrust P Description

incrust P Line


The project concerns a method for production of feeding stuffs packed in a digestible shell (feeding blocks).

From an extruder cooker extruded feeding stuff is lead to a common die, in which is vertically formed a shell pipe of a shape, diameter and pipe thickness, which can be changed by changing a set of nozzles.

The shell pipe is lead to a cutter, which cuts and shortens one end of the shell pipe.

The closed shell pipe is filled with a portion of core product (feed mixture) from a core product feeder with a dosing screw. The quantity can be selected by changing the number of revolutions of the dosing screw and the speed of rotation, so that the quantity can be adjusted to the size of the feeding block.

When the core product has been dosed into the shell pipe, the shortening device shortens and closes the other end of the feeding block, and a feeding block has been formed.

The closing of the shortening device can be set so that the individual feeding blocks form a line, which is not broken until later in the process.

If necessary a number of feeding blocks in a line is carried to a marker by a belt conveyor with condensate ventilation. Marks are made with either a laser printer or an ink jet printer.