Incrust E Description

incrust Line





The Incrust Encapsulation process is an extrusion process in which the formula is divided into a starch part (glue part), which amounts to 15%-20%, and a primary part, which amounts to 80%-85%.

A digestible powdered starch product (e.g. ground wheat) is conveyed to an extruder-cooker, in which the starch is cooked in a cooking zone until a sufficient gelatinisation and thermoplastic condition is achieved.

The starch is carried to a cooler zone, in which it is cooled to the temperature permitted by the primary part to be encapsulated. After the cooling zone the primary part is added, and the starch and the primary part is carried through a mixing zone, in which starch and the primary part are mixed.

After the mixing zone the mixture is pelleted through a die, where the desired granulate size and shape is formed.

When the encapsulated primary part is cooled, a hard product is formed, in which the individual primary components are bound in the gelatinised starch.

The process gives a very low primary process temperature and is consequently well suited for products, which cannot stand high process temperatures, and which cannot be pelletized by known technology.